Mechanical Engineering

Courses & Subjects(Mech;)

No Subject Name Code
1 Myanmar (M-11011) (M-12011)
2 English  (E-11011) (E-12011)
3 Mathematics  (Ma-11011) (Ma-12011)
4 Engineering Science  (ES-11011) (ES-12011)
5 Workshop Technology  (ME-11012) (ME-12012)
6 Engineering Mechanics  (ME-11015) (ME-12015)
7 Principles of Electrical Technology (ME-11013) (ME-12013)
8 Engineering Drawing (ME-11011) (ME-12011)
No Subject Name Code
1 English  (E-21011/E-22011)
2 Mathematics (Ma-21021/Ma-22021)
3 Strength of Materials (ME-21014/ME-22014)
4 Engineering Drawing  (ME-21021/ME-22021)
5 Thermodynamics (ME-21013/ME-22013)
6 Internal Combustion Engines  (ME-21023/ME-22023)
7 Production Technology  (ME-21022/ME-22022)
8 Theory of Machines (ME-21015/ME-22015)
No Subject Name Code
1 English (E-31011/E-32011)
2 Internal Combustion Engines  (ME-31033/ME-32033)
3 Automotive Technology  (ME-31035/ME-32035)
4 Air-conditioning and Refrigeration  (ME-31017/ME-32017)
5 Estimating & Shop Managements  (ME-31018/ME-32018)
6 Control Technology (ME-31026/ME-32026)
7 Design of Machine Elements  (ME-31031/ME-32031)
8 Fluid Mechanics  (ME-31016/ME-32016)

Practical Activities of Students in 2019-2020(Mech;)